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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Cowok-cowok yang Berubah jadi Wanita

Cowok-cowok yang Berubah jadi Wanita

April Ashley - Model, Entertainer, Socialite

Joan Roughgarden - Biologist

Dana International - Singer, Entertainer

Melanie Anne Phillips - TS Support-Site Authoress

Jan Morris - Writer

Sister Mary Elizabeth - Episcopal Nun

Nong Tum - Thai kick-boxing instructor

Leona Lo - Writer

Harisu - Model, Entertainer

Madeleine Williams - Systems Engineer

Cindy Thai Tai - Singer, songwriter, make-up artist

Yasmene Jabar - Homemaker

Nong Poy - Actress, model

Caroline 'Tula' Cossey - Actress

Leslie Townsend - Model, Comedienne, Author

Sara Kristine Becker - Family Physician, Gender Counselor

Donna Rose - IT Project Manager

Kate Kira - Biologist

Christine Beatty - Software engineer, writer

Kelly Van De Veer - Singer, Actress

Terry Noel - Showgirl

Sohini Bagchi - Artist and textile designer

Anna Taylor - A woman in stealth

Christine Jorgensen - Famous Transsexual Pioneer

Canary Conn - Writer, composer, singer

Phoebe Smith - Transsexual pioneer

Veronique Renard - Writer, Free-Tibet Activist

Jenny Hiloudaki - Model, Actress

Roberta Close - Model, Actress

Aleshia Brevard - Actress

Ha-Ri-Su - Model, Recording Artist

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